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Public defences at the Faculty of Medicine spring 2021

Public defences at the Faculty of Medicine will continue to be fully digital spring 2021, regardless of the infection situation.  

Opponents, committee chair, candidate and chair of the defence

  • Opponents, committee chair, candidate and chair of the defence must all participate digitally from their own PC via Zoom
  • Opponents, committee chair, candidate and chair of the defence must all sit separately, e.g. in their own office or at home. It is not possible to sit together during the doctoral examination.
  • No later than two days before the public defence, a test (rehearsal) with technical staff via Zoom must be completed. This test is mandatory for the opponents, the committee chair, the candidate and the chair of the defence to ensure that the technical quality is satisfactory and to go through all the procedures.
  • Travel and hotel expenses will not be covered for the opponents as the defence is fully digital.


  • The public defence is a digital event where the audience participate via a published Zoom link found in the announcement.
  • It is not possible for the audience to sit in the same room as the opponents, committee chair, candidate or chair of the defence.


  • Opponents, committee chair, candidate and chair of the defence must make sure that they sit in suitable rooms and that they have all the equipment they need to complete a digital defence.
  • Zoom works on all platforms, operating systems and browsers. More information
  • When testing (rehearsing), the opponents, committee chair, candidate and chair of the defence must sit in the same room and use the same equipment as they will be using during the doctoral examination (trial lecture and public defence).
  • If the candidate or opponents need to use a board, iPad/tablet is recommended to enable screen sharing in Zoom. This must be tested during the rehearsal before the trial lecture and public defence.
  • The green ceremonial tablecloth and graduation robe are not used during digital public defences.

Technical and administrative support

  • IT-technical support will be available during the digital doctoral examination via Zoom. 
  • The faculty’s administration will be available on telephone/e-mail until and during the public defence, but will not normally participate in Zoom during the test (rehearsal) or during the doctoral examination.

Announcement and making the thesis publicly available

  • Public defences at the Faculty of Medicine are announced as fully digital 14 days before the date of the public defence.
  • The announcement will contain a link to the Zoom-room where the public defence will take place.
  • It will be possible to order a digital copy of the thesis up to 2 days before the public defence. A link for ordering a copy will be available in the announcement. The thesis will be sent electronically at the latest the day before the defence is held.
  • After the public defence, copies of the thesis (both digital and printed) must be ordered directly from the candidate.
  • The faculty prints 40 copies of the thesis. The candidate can expect to receive approximately 25 copies of these. The other copies are sent to libraries, the committee members and the chair of defence.
  • The candidate will be notified when the printed theses can be picked up at Sogn Arena.
  • If the candidate wants more than 25 copies, he/she must order/pay for these at Reprosentralen.

Doctoral dinner

  • A doctoral dinner is optional. The doctoral dinner is a private event and the candidate's own responsibility.

  • The faculty has no expectations as to whether a doctoral dinner is held or not, or whether opponents, committee chair or chair of the defence participate in this dinner.


  • Be aware of your Zoom background. You should consider adding a fixed background, IT can help you with this during the rehearsal.
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