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Preparations for trial lecture and public defence

Prior to the trial lecture and public defence you must book a venue, submit summaries to your executive officer, and get your thesis printed.

Venue booking

You are responsible for booking the venue for the trial lecture and public defence

You must ensure that technical assistance is available at the specified times for the trial lecture and public defence. In addition you have to check that the technical equipment works as it should.

When the venues are booked you must send a confirmation of the reservation by email to your executive officer.


Before the public defence, you must submit:

  • a photo of yourself – photo must be forward-facing. Your face must be centered on neutral background, preferably portrait size 1600 x 1200 (height x width). The name of the photographer must also be specified when you sumbit your photo.
  • two summaries – for theses written in English, a summary in Norwegian must be included in the printed thesis. The summary must be up to 2 pages. Equally, theses written in Norwegian must include a summary in English.

The summaries should be sent to your executive officer at least three weeks before the public defence.

Requisition form

When the dean has approved the recommendation, your executive officer will send you a requisition form for printing. Complete part 1 and sign part 3 before you return the form to your executive officer by email.

Public defence at the institutes

The institutes at the Faculty have their own routines for implementing public defences (information in Norwegian).

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