Leadership course 2: Research Management and Supervision

This course focuses on research management and supervision of PhD- and master students.

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The course has two main goals: a) to support you in developing research management and leadership capabilities, and b) to help you develop your knowledge, attitudes, and skills with regard to supervision. The two topics are closely connected because supervision is an important part of research leadership. The course has two modules, each over two days, and a hallf day workshop.

    The supervision module encompasses the following topics:

    • The supervisor-candidate relationship
    • Giving feed back
    • Supervision in medical academic writing
    • Ethical  aspects and dilemmas
    • Phases in the supervision trajectory
    • Institutional contexts / the PhD Programme

    The module on research management focuses on the following topics:

    • Understanding leadership in a research context
    • Developing research organizations
    • From strategic management to strategic leadership
    • Culture and personal leadership 
    • Portfolio leadership

    The course provides both theoretical introductions and practical training. Working methods include presentation, case-work, experience-sharing, individual tasks and group discussions.

    Expected learning outcomes

    • know how to establish, organize and lead a research team
    • be able to set goals and make plans for the work of the group 
    • be a professional supervisor of research students
    • be aware of your ethical responsibilities, qualifications and limitations as a supervisor.   

    The supervision modul counts as a "big modul" in LINK - Centre for Learning, Innovation & Academic Development at the University of Oslo. 

    Professor Eivind Engebretsen has the academic responsibility for the course.

    Course leader of the module on research management is MD PhD Lars Christian Lassen, partner in Mobilize Strategy Consulting.

    Course leaders of the supervision module are professor Tone Dyrdal Solbrekke and  professor Molly Sutphen at the Department of Education, UiO.

    The grading is based on the pass/fail system.
    The course gives 7 ECTS.

    Course dates and venue

    Autumn 2018: 

    Module on Supervision: 22- 23 November and 6. December.

    Module on Research Management: 10-11. December.

    The course modules will take place at Holmen Fjordhotell. Participants are invited and encouraged to stay at Holmen Fjordhotell during the course. Accommodation and meals are covered by the Faculty of Medicine, UiO.


    Signing up for the course, you are committed to attend the whole course, including preparatory activities.

    Application deadline:

    • July 31 (autumn semester).

    To apply for the course, please fill in the application form:



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