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Group mentoring scheme

Are you a postdoc aspiring to an advance in your research career? If so, a group mentoring scheme could be something for you.

Postdoctoral fellows talking.

Photo: Ø. Horgmo/UiO

Each mentoring group consists of eight to ten candidates and one of the candidates is appointed by the group as chair. The group meets each month over a period of one year.

In the group mentoring scheme for postdocs, you will: 

  • Explore different career paths
  • Exchange experiences and discuss with your peers
  • Develop your career plan
  • Explore dilemmas you encounter as a postdoc
  • Receive advice from and share experience with seniors within your field

The group can invite an external guest, a guest mentor, to as many of the meetings as they want. The guest mentor can be a senior researcher or a representative for any career path inside or outside academia that the group would like to explore. 

The work in the groups is based on a case methodology. To each meeting at least one of the participants has the responsibility to write a short description of a case that she/he would like to discuss with the group. The case can touch on any topic or dilemma related to the postdoc position. The group should also discuss and further develop the group members’ individual career plans.

The mentoring scheme has a one year duration, with annual enrollment - starting in August. The applicant needs to complete the Career development course before they can apply for the group mentoring scheme. 

Do you have questions? Please contact Linn Bævre


Please note by sending this application, you commit to attend a introductory workshop.

Applicants will be notified soon after the application deadline about admission for the mentoring scheme.

Application deadline:

to be publised fall 2020.


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