Course 2: Entrepreneurship in healthcare

Learn how to develop a research idea into a new company from experienced entrepreneurs, life science executives and academics.

Three people leaning on a banister
Starting a company together after meeting at School of Health innovation. Photo: Øystein Horgmo/UiO

School of Health Innovation. An initiative from UIO, NTNU, KU and Karolinska Institutet

The course will be held in collaboration with BI in two modules: 

Apply here. Deadline 18 June

As a student at "Entrepreneurship in healthcare" you will experience Scandinavia´s most advanced support systems for healthcare entrepreneurs. Furthermore you will receive training in entrepreneurship and how to build a business from BI - Norwegian Business School. 

The overall aim of this course is that you as a researcher or clinician will learn from experienced life science entrepreneurs or business development executives, how to develop a research idea into business and to develop a business plan.

Description of the course: 

Mentorship in companies in collaboration with BI  (General entrepreneurship).

You can either bring your own project idea that you believe may be commercialized, or you will be given a project idea from the mentor organization.  You will use this project idea as the basis for developing a business plan.

This track requires 4 days of participation in classes in Oslo and mentorship follow up from your business mentor. You and your mentor will decide when and where to meet for the mentorship. You will have to set aside approximately 1-2 weeks to develop your business plan during the course.

Traditional way of meeting in Oslo vs digital module:
We will strive to organizing the course with traditional lectures at a hotel in Oslo in September and October. However, we are constantly adhering to the governments guidelines during the current COVID19 pandemic. If it is not recommended to meet for traditional lectures, we will switch to a digital format via Zoom lectures. Further information will follow on this matter.


The exam will have two parts: 

  • Development of a written business plan for a research idea that may be commercialized. This idea may be generated from your own research, or given to you from your mentor organization or work group. The business plan should be minimum 10 pages. 
  • An investor presentation, that will be held at the final meeting in Stockholm in December.

The course gives 5 ECTS.

Practical issues and expenses

This course is kindly supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation and is free of charge for you as a participant.


Prerequisite for entry:

  • There is a limit for 30 qualified participants at this course. Priority will be given to applicants that previously have passed course 1, School of Health Innovation.

Apply here. Deadline 18 June

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