Course 2: Entrepreneurship in healthcare

Learn how to develop a research idea into a new company from experienced entrepreneurs, life science executives and academics.

Course description

The chosen participants for the "Entrepreneurship in healthcare", will experience Scandinavia´s most advanced support systems for healthcare entrepreneurs. Leading experts from BI – the Norwegian Business School will teach you the skills of entrepreneurship and show you the basic steps in how to build a start-up business.

This course provides the skills and network for researchers or clinicians to develop their research idea into a successful business with a commercial output.
Applicants are required to bring their own project idea, which will be the framework for the development of a business plan.

Each participant will get a business mentor, who will provide guidance and advice during the process as well as help developing the business plan. All participants will have to do a project pitching at the end of the course, where the three best projects will be awarded a money price.

This course requires 4 days of participation in classes in Oslo (depending on the pandemic situation it might be online) as well as 2 days of participation in Copenhagen for the exam project pitching. Participants must also set time aside for the mentorship, the preparation of a business plan and for the preparation of the final project pitch.  


The exam will have two parts Development of a written business plan for a research idea that may be commercialized. An investor presentation, which will be pitched at the final meeting in Copenhagen.

Practical issues and expenses

The course is free of cost and the School of Health Innovation covers breakfast, lunch, and dinners as well as two nights of accommodation for each module. We reimburse travel expenses up to 2000DKK. per module. Taxa is to be preapproved and no additional accommodations are reimbursed.

The course gives 5 ECTS.


3 modules x 2 days each.

  • Module 1: 22-23 September 2022.
  • Module 2: 27-28 October 2022.
  • Module 3: 1-2 December 2022.


Location for Module 1 and 2 is Oslo. Module 3 will happen in Copenhagen.


All (PhD, Postdocs, young clinicians, young Professors) who already have an idea for a start-up/spin-out (it can be early stage) can apply.


The best applicants will be hand-picked, based on their project description, CV, and motivational letter and a recommendation letter from your work place (confirmation of acceptance of your enrolment in the course is sufficient). For PhDs to be considered, it is required to include a supervisor recommendation letter.

Apply here

Application deadline: 26th of June 

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