About Scientia Fellows Hosts

Scientia Fellows hosts are universities and research institutes characterised by scientific excellence, quality in post-doctoral training and very good infrastructure.

All fellows will be employed by the University of Oslo, Faculty of Medicine. The work will be performed at a given Host organisation.

How to become a Host

  • You must sign a financial declaration together with a legal representative from the institute/center at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo where the fellow will be employed, guaranteeing for your share of the expenses with the fellow (approximately 60%).
  • You must decide and have approved from the Scientia Fellows Office (SFO) a Broad thematic Area and an optional subfield for the position(s) you are announcing
  • The announcement will contain a link to the Scientist in Charge for the position – please remember to have an updated personal profile!
  • You must also provide a link to the research environment – your group, center et cetera. This should also be updated, in English.
  • You must confirm that your position has the correct information on the website before the call is published.
  • As a potential host you are a part of the Candidate’s application process.

Who can become a Host?

The programme is open to Host organisations from all over the world provided that researchers meet EU mobility rules. International Host organizations must establish a collaboration with a researcher employed by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo to host an outgoing fellow. The programme supports approximately 40% of the fellowships' costs. Hosts must have the financial capacity to cover the remaining costs.

For more information contact: scientia-fellows@medisin.uio.no

Responsibilities of a Host

Being a Host in the Scientia Fellows programme involve specific responsibilities.

The Host is committed to:

  • Accept the contribution on the part of the Coordinator and cover the remaining costs of the fellowship.
  • The agreement with respect to the co-financing of the fellow between the University of Oslo and the Host institution must be finalised and accepted before each Call.
  • Provide research support to fellows, in particular regarding infrastructure, equipment and other services necessary for conducting the proposed research.
  • Provide mentoring and access to training according to standard practices applied by the Host organisation.
  • Practical support for a fellow, e.g.: assistance in obtaining the necessary permits, such as a working permit for the duration of the employment according to the standard services provided by the Host.

When receiving a fellow:

  • Your fellow will be assigned a HR case officer at the institute/center where she/he will be employed, who will handle the employment contract.
  • The fellow must start on the first day of a month, no later than 6 months after the announced results
  • You may be asked, together with your fellow, to provide the Scientia Fellows Office With copies or reference numbers to relevant ethics approvals that must be in place before the project starts.
  • It is your local unit who is responsible for receiving the fellow. For fellows hosted by the University of Oslo, please consult UiO’s EURAXESS webpages for information regarding services for international researchers (including visa permits, researcher housing, relevant courses for international researchers et cetera).
  • The fellows must deliver short reports after each fellowship year. This includes to update and follow up their Personal Career development plan.
  • Scientia Fellows have, together with other postdoctoral fellows at the Faculty of Medicine, access to courses under the Postdoctoral program.
  • Fellows will have access to 68 000 NOK per year for research costs (driftsmidler) which are meant to cover expenses related to their research poject, in addition to training and networking activities (participation on conferences, network meetings et cetera).
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