Scientia Fellows Interview: Corina Rueegg

Researchers from a wide variety of research fields and all over the world have joined the Scientia Fellows postdoctoral programme. Corina Rueegg is one of them. 

Corina Rueegg standing in fornt of a window.

Corina Rueegg. Photo: Øystein Horgmo, UiO

– What is your background?

I am from Switzerland. Originally, I studied sports sciences at the University of Basel. After that, I did a PhD in epidemiology and biostatistics in the field of childhood cancer.

I have a genuine interest in increasing the health and quality of life of persons through a healthy lifestyle.

– What triggered you to become a researcher?

I was always as curious person and wanted to understand causes and circumstances. I like to investigate relationships and issues in depth.

I have plenty of interests, and research gives me to opportunity to combine knowledge and experiences from different fields.

I also like the idea that individuals might have a better quality of life thanks to results generated through our research.

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– Why did you choose to apply for a Scientia Fellows postdoc position?

I wanted to go abroad to broaden my horizon and become an independent researcher. Because I always loved Scandinavia, and especially Norway, I was looking for funding opportunities to visit one of these countries. The Scientia Fellowship offered a unique opportunity and sounded like a very recognized and powerful programme.

– How can a Scientia Fellows postdoc position promote you future career?

Going abroad and working in a new research group and new research area will promote my academic career.

I have the opportunity to deepen my scientific knowledge and I can participate in courses during my stay at the University of Oslo. Also, I can expand my scientific network, and moving to a foreign country will broaden my personal skills.

– To whom would you recommend a Scientia Fellows postdoc position?

I would recommend the Scientia Fellow programme to researchers with the motivation to pursue an academic career.



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