Introduction to the innovation ecosystem

Many Scientia fellows took time out of a busy workday to learn more about innovation at the University of Oslo and Oslo Science Park, on invitation from the new unit Life Science Growth House.

“We know that many of the researchers in the Scientia Fellows programme are brilliant in their academic careers but also progressive in their mind-set. Therefore, we felt it was the time to connect them to the innovation ecosystem around the University and at the Oslo Science Park,” says Hilde Nebb, vice-dean for internationalisation and innovation and the coordinator of Scientia Fellows.

The Fellows got a thorough introduction from Life Science Growth House, the three incubators present in the Oslo Science Park; Aleap, ShareLab and Startuplab, and the two cluster organisations Norway Health Tech and the Life Science Cluster.

Here you can see some of the highlights!

Bildegalleri SF at Oslo Science Park October
Published Nov. 15, 2021 1:49 PM - Last modified Dec. 9, 2021 9:46 AM