Team Scientia Fellows

Postdoctoral fellows from the Scientia Fellows programme and friends participated in this year`s Holmenkoll relay. 

Group of people in red T-shirts.

TEAM SCIENTIA FELLOWS: Alvaro Köhn Luque,Dipankar Manna, Enrico Catalano, Kulbhushan Sharma, Jeong Yeon Kim,Johannes Bauer,Xiaoran Lai, Benan John Mathai, Jeong-Yeon Kim, Oscar Daniel Rangel-Huerta, Alvaro Kohn Luque, Artur Cieslar-Pobuda, Corina Silvia Rueegg, Julia Weikum, Flourina Kumar Thakor, Alexandra Götz and David Ramonet-Jimenez. Photo: Monica Bring Estensen

The faculty had two teams in the Holmenkoll relay this year, one of them was "Team Scientia Fellows" with postdoctoral fellows from the Scientia Fellows programme and friends.

Holmenkollstafetten is an annual big sports event in Oslo. It is a 15-leg running relay which is open to everyone - professionals, businesses and other groups.

Each year around 45 - 50.000 people attend the relay and it is actually often called "the spring`s most beautiful adventure". Some say that is one of largest athletic events in Norway, if not the largest.

The relay starts at Bislett Stadium, goes up to Holmenkollen and returns back at the stadium. The length of the leg is between 370 meters and 2840 meters.

Anoter Ggoup of people in red T-shirts.
Both of the teams from the Faculty of medicine.
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