Calls in Scientia Fellows II

New call for applicants for Scientia Fellows II will open in May 2019. 

Scientia Fellows II will have three calls for applications. Each call will be open for three months. Evaluation process is expected to take 2-3 months.

Call 1: Open in May 2019. Results expected in November 2019.

Call 2: Open in Jan 2020.  Results expected in July/August 2020.

Call 3: Open in July 2020. Results expected in January 2021.

Please note that all date for calls and results are tentative.

Future Hosts are free to suggest their ‘broad thematic areas’ when applying to become a Host in the Programme. Online form to submit interest to become a Host will be available from February 2019 until beginning of April 2019.

Read more: Previous calls and list of thematic areas available in within the Scientia Fellows programme. 


Published Dec. 20, 2018 10:02 AM - Last modified Apr. 9, 2019 8:55 AM