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Courses available at Master’s level

Below you will find an overview of the courses available for HELSAM’s master students. All the Institute’s programme students may apply to register for these, as well as apply to have them recognised as elective courses as part of their master’s degree.

The courses listed below are all made available as elective courses. Should you like to register for one or more of these courses during your degree, you first have to contact the student administration at your programme in order for them to assess whether or not the course(s) can be approved and recognised as an elective course within your master’s degree.

If the course is approved you need to apply by contacting the student administration of the master’s degree of which the course belong to. The contact information of all the student advisors at the Institute of Health and Society is listed here.

The deadline for applying available courses, register and pay semester fee is 1st of September.


Available courses for master students at the Institute of Health and Society

Autumn Semester
HECON4100 5 p
HELSEF4402 5 p
HEVAL5110 5 p
HEVAL5140 10 p
HEVAL5150 5 p
HEVAL5200 5 p
HGOV4100 5 p
HLAW4100 5 p
HMAN4100 5 p
HMAN5140 5 p
HMAN5160 5 p
HMED4100 5 p
HMET4100 5 p
HMED4101 5 p
HØKON4102 5 p
SME4210 5 p
SYKVIT4311 5 p
SYKVIT4312 5 p


HECON4210 5 p
HECON4220 5 p
HELSEF4403 5 p
HELSEF4404 5 p
HELSEF4405 5 p
HEVAL4200 5 p
HFIN4210 5 p
HFIN4240 5 p
HGOV5200 5 p
HLED4102 5 p
HMET5130 5 p
INTHE4113 5 p
INTHE4114 5 p
INTHE4117 5 p
INTHE4118 5 p
INTHE4119 5 p
INTHE4120 5 p
INTHE4121 5 p
SME4310 5 p
SYKVIT4313 5 p
SYKVIT4314 5 p
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