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The Teaching Award in Medicine goes to Nanna von der Lippe

The Faculty’s Award for quality in teaching in the professional programme of study in medicine for 2015 goes to Nanna von der Lippe, PhD candidate.

Ingrid Os presenting the award to Nanna von der Lippe.

Nanna von der Lippe recieved The Faculty’s Award for quality in teaching from Professor Ingrid Os.

Feedback from the students on her exceptional teaching was a substantial element in the jury’s decision.

For this semester, von der Lippe was frequently referred to as an exceptional teacher.

A strong nomination

The names of specific teachers are rarely put forward, but Nanna is always described as an exceptional teacher in this context.

This recognition has obviously prevailed. The Faculty wishes to acknowledge and reward high quality in teaching, and after this strong nomination by the students, Nanna von der Lippe was given the award of NOK 20 000.

The award is given as an operational grant to individuals or academic communities that have demonstrated a commitment to quality in teaching.

Teaching nephrology

Cand. med. Nanna von der Lippe is employed as a PhD candidate at the Department of Nephrology, Oslo University Hospital Ullevål.

For a number of years she has been involved in the teaching of nephrology, as a supervisor to small groups in ‘bedside teaching’ and as head of courses in microscopic urinalysis.

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