Terje P. Hagen elected new Head of Institute at Helsam

The polls closed on October 16 at 12 noon. After a count of the votes, it is clear that Hagen is new Head of Institute.

Hagen will take over the position from Nina K. Vøllestad on 1 January 2019.

It is the first time a professor with a background as political scientist is elected head of institute at the Faculty of Medicine. Terje P. Hagen is a professor at the department of Health Management and Health Economics at Helsam.

1010 persons were eligible to vote in the election, of those 27 percent voted:

  • 69 percent of scientific staff voted (129/186)
  • 83 percent of the administrative staff voted (43/52)
  • 12, 56 percent of the students voted (97/772)

The votes from each group has a fixed weight; the scientific staff votes count for 53%, the administrative staff votes counts for 22% and the student votes count for 25%. Hagen received a total of 86 percent of the weighted votes.

The role as Head of Institute

Head of Institute is elected for a period of four years and the person responsible for the operation and development of the unit's research, dissemination of research, teaching resources and other academic activities.

We congratulate Terje P. Hagen with the election and the position as Head of Institute from 2019.







Published Oct. 16, 2018 3:57 PM - Last modified Dec. 23, 2021 11:09 AM