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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Inger Schou-Bredal Schou-Bredal, Inger +47 22859206
Picture of Helge Skirbekk Skirbekk, Helge Associate Professor +47 22850678
Picture of Holgeir Skjeie Skjeie, Holgeir Lecturer +47 22850658
Picture of Trygve Skonnord Skonnord, Trygve Lecturer +47 22844679 General practice, Acupuncture, Medical acupuncture, Low back pain, Infantile colic, Pain, RCT
Picture of Marius Andre Hybbestad Skow Skow, Marius Andre Hybbestad Stipendiat
Picture of Ketil Slagstad Slagstad, Ketil Stipendiat Medical History, Medicalisation, Medical Anthropology, Science and technology studies
Snilsberg, Øyvind Stipendiat
Picture of Jan Helge Solbakk Solbakk, Jan Helge Professor +47 22844641 99235752 Global South
Picture of Carl Tollef Solberg Solberg, Carl Tollef Researcher
Picture of Kari Nyheim Solbrække Solbrække, Kari Nyheim Professor +47 22845373 +4790016689 Medical Sociology, Gender, Illness Experiences, Diagnoses, Technology and Care, Global South
Picture of Ivan Spehar Spehar, Ivan Associate Professor +47 22850560
Picture of Anna Stavdal Stavdal, Anna Universitetslektor +47 22931580
Picture of Hein Stigum Stigum, Hein Professor +47 22850630
Picture of Knut Tore Stokke Stokke, Knut Tore Head of Office +47 22850509 +47 91702320 Administration, Management, Strategy, Administrative management, Organizational development, Corporate governance, Financial management
Picture of Jørund Straand Straand, Jørund Professor +47 22850647
Picture of Gry Stubberud Stubberud, Gry Higher Executive Officer +47 22859236 +47 98234670 Reception: 22 85 05 50
Picture of Susanne Stuhlfauth Stuhlfauth, Susanne
Picture of Johanne Sommerschild Sundby Sundby, Johanne Sommerschild Professor +47 22850598 +47 90558704 Global South
Picture of Anne Cathrine Sundseth Sundseth, Anne Cathrine
Picture of Edel Jannecke Svendsen Svendsen, Edel Jannecke Associate Professor +47 22850568
Picture of Trygve Johannes Lereim Sævareid Sævareid, Trygve Johannes Lereim Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22859204
Picture of Gunnar Tellnes Tellnes, Gunnar +47 22850618 +47 90971297 Injury Prevention, Health Promotion, NaCuHeal, Nature-Culture-Health, Public Health, Sickness Absence, NaKuHel
Picture of Jorunn Thaulow Thaulow, Jorunn Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Vilde Fastvold Thorbjørnsen Thorbjørnsen, Vilde Fastvold Global South
Picture of Lisbeth Thoresen Thoresen, Lisbeth Associate Professor +47 22845004