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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Torbjørnsen, Betina Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Anh Thi Tran Tran, Anh Thi Lecturer +47 22850516
Picture of Merete Kristin Tschamper Tschamper, Merete Kristin Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22845063
Picture of Eva Turk Turk, Eva Researcher +47 22850515
Tvedt, Anders Adviser +47 22850571
Picture of Mari Kristine Tyrdal Tyrdal, Mari Kristine Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22845370 47 90018071 register-based research, Musculo-skeletal disorder, Neck and low back pain, Physiotherapy
Picture of Hanne Støre Valeur Valeur, Hanne Støre Lecturer
Picture of Odd Martin Vallersnes Vallersnes, Odd Martin Associate Professor +47 93082583
Picture of Hilde Ousland Vandeskog Vandeskog, Hilde Ousland Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Per Olav Vandvik Vandvik, Per Olav Adjunct Professor
Picture of Frode Veggeland Veggeland, Frode Professor +47 22850529
Picture of Mathyn Adrianus Marinus Vervaart Vervaart, Mathyn Adrianus Marinus Doctoral Research Fellow Health Economics, Economic Evaluation
Picture of Tone Karine Vidnes Vidnes, Tone Karine
Picture of Ingvild Vik Vik, Ingvild Adviser +47 22850597
Vinueza Veloz, Maria Fernanda Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Henrik Vogt Vogt, Henrik Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Nina Køpke Vøllestad Vøllestad, Nina Køpke Professor +47 22845377 +47 91550625 Musculo-skeletal system, Primary health care, Physiotherapy, Neck and low back pain, Physical Activity
Picture of Anthony Sverre Wagstaff Wagstaff, Anthony Sverre Adjunct Professor Aviation medicine, Aerospace Medicine, Occupational medicine, Occupational health
Picture of Astrid Klopstad Wahl Wahl, Astrid Klopstad Professor +47 22845374 Global South
Picture of Malin Solli Wandem Wandem, Malin Solli Section Manager +47 22857695 Management, Research administration, Research support, External funding, EU, Regulations
Picture of Cynthia Khamala Wangamati Wangamati, Cynthia Khamala Postdoctoral Fellow Global South
Picture of Knut Reidar Wangen Wangen, Knut Reidar Associate Professor +47 22850527 +47 95121008 China
Picture of Erik Lønnmark Werner Werner, Erik Lønnmark Professor +47 22850592
Picture of Siri Færden Westbye Westbye, Siri Færden Doctoral Research Fellow
Wieringa, Cornelis Hermannus Sietse Researcher