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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Hilde Bondevik Bondevik, Hilde Professor +47 22845387 +47 99797649
Picture of Christine Råheim Borge Borge, Christine Råheim Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22845372
Picture of Grete Synøve Botten Botten, Grete Synøve Professor Emeritus +47 22845043 +47 91544234
Picture of Line Kildal Bragstad Bragstad, Line Kildal Associate Professor +47 22844621 +47 40200795 Rehabilitation, Stroke, Ageing, Aging, Elderly, Disability, Family caregivers, Patient participation, Occupational therapy
Picture of Mette Brekke Brekke, Mette Professor +47 22850604 +47 92832865
Picture of Michael Bretthauer Bretthauer, Michael Professor 90132480 USA, Nordic
Picture of Knut Ørnes Brodahl Brodahl, Knut Ørnes
Picture of Dag Bruusgaard Bruusgaard, Dag +47 22850616
Picture of Anja Maria Lyche Brænd Brænd, Anja Maria Lyche Associate Professor +47 22859202
Brøderud, Linn Benita Researcher
Buhl, Esben Selmer Researcher
Picture of Emily Burger Burger, Emily Associate Professor USA, Women's health, Cancer control, HPV, Cervical Cancer, livmorhalsscreening, Livmorhalskreft
Picture of Linn Bøhler Bøhler, Linn Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Dominique A Caugant Caugant, Dominique A Adjunct Professor +47 22844637 Global South
Picture of Bjørgulf Claussen Claussen, Bjørgulf +47 22850614 +47 91718690 Global South
Picture of Alina Coman Coman, Alina Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22850668
Picture of Shereen Cox Cox, Shereen Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Pascale-Renée Cyr Cyr, Pascale-Renée Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Hanne Solveig Dagfinrud Dagfinrud, Hanne Solveig Adjunct Professor +47 22858428
Picture of Cecilie Dahl Dahl, Cecilie Researcher +47 22850630 Epidemiology, quantitative methods, environmental epidemiology, osteoporosis and fractures, microbiota, global public health
Picture of Mina Piiksi Dahli Dahli, Mina Piiksi Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Vivian Dalaker Dalaker, Vivian Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Isa Dussauge Dussauge, Isa Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Kim Kristoffer Dysthe Dysthe, Kim Kristoffer Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Åse Ruth Eggemoen Eggemoen, Åse Ruth +47 22850652