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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Eick, Frode Doctoral Research Fellow Migration, UHC
Picture of Torunn Bjerve Eide Eide, Torunn Bjerve Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Louise Emilsson Emilsson, Louise Associate Professor
Picture of Ida Iren Eriksen Eriksen, Ida Iren
Eskerud, Jens Lecturer +47 22119004
Picture of Lena Fauske Fauske, Lena Lecturer
Picture of Eli Feiring Feiring, Eli Associate Professor +47 22850528 +47 98413965
Picture of Arne Fetveit Fetveit, Arne Researcher +47 22850619
Picture of Heidi Lidal Fidjeland Fidjeland, Heidi Lidal Doctoral Research Fellow
Finnes, Trine Elisabeth Lecturer
Picture of Mari Fiske Fiske, Mari Doctoral Research Fellow 926 67 311
Picture of Heidi Fjeld Fjeld, Heidi Associate Professor +47 22850603 +47 99013401 Medical Anthropology, Tibet, Nepal, China, India, Norway
Picture of Signe Agnes Flottorp Flottorp, Signe Agnes Researcher
Picture of Christina  Foss Foss , Christina Professor +47-22850639
Picture of Guro Haugen Fossum Fossum, Guro Haugen Researcher +47 22844669
Picture of Jan Frich Frich, Jan Professor +4722850524 Health Services Research; Leadership, Huntington's disease
Picture of Joar Røkke Fystro Fystro, Joar Røkke Doctoral Research Fellow +47 917 78 606
Picture of Reidun Førde Førde, Reidun +47 22844664
Picture of Ge Ge Ge, Ge Researcher +47 22845351
Picture of Bjørn Gjelsvik Gjelsvik, Bjørn Professor Emeritus +47 22850651
Picture of Dagrun Kyte Gjøstein Gjøstein, Dagrun Kyte Nordic
Picture of Geir Godager Godager, Geir Associate Professor +47 22845029 +47 91736960 +4791736960
Picture of Christoph Gradmann Gradmann, Christoph Professor +47 22850615 +4748420261 +47 48420261 Medical History, Global Health, Antibiotic Resistance, Infectious diseases
Picture of Sverre Grepperud Grepperud, Sverre Professor +47 22845033
Picture of Nada Hadzic-Andelic Hadzic-Andelic, Nada Adjunct Professor +47 22859221 +47 91817910