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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Per Nafstad Nafstad, Per +47 22850621 Global South
Picture of Bård Natvig Natvig, Bård Professor +47 22850608 Social security medicine, Health education, Musculo-skeletal system, Epidemiology
Picture of Halvor Nordby Nordby, Halvor Associate Professor +47 90135154
Picture of Per Nortvedt Nortvedt, Per Professor Emeritus +47 22844646 +4792088324 Selected publications
Picture of Magne Nylenna Nylenna, Magne Adjunct Professor +47 22850532
Picture of Gro Næss Næss, Gro
Picture of Øyvind Næss Næss, Øyvind Associate Professor +47 22850663
Picture of Marthe-Lise Næss-Andresen Næss-Andresen, Marthe-Lise Doctoral Research Fellow
Nøkleby, Kjersti Doctoral Research Fellow
Olaussen Normann, Cathrine Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Anne Olaug Olsen Olsen, Anne Olaug Associate Professor +47 22850641
Picture of Tone Kristin Omsland Omsland, Tone Kristin Associate Professor +47 22850606
Picture of Randi Opheim Opheim, Randi Associate Professor +47 22850677
Picture of Trygve Ottersen Ottersen, Trygve Associate Professor +47 22850537 global health, global health policy, Global South
Picture of Kine Pedersen Pedersen, Kine Researcher +47 22845277
Picture of Reidar Pedersen Pedersen, Reidar Professor +47 22844663
Pedersen, Stein Jarle Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ruth Jane Prince Prince, Ruth Jane Associate Professor +47 22857590 Social protection, Welfare, Critical global health; Anthropology of the state, Bureaucracy, Citizenship, Biopolitics, Humanitarianism, Medical Anthropology, Development, Historical anthropology, Temporality, Toxic waste; Waste economies, Postcolonial Science, Postcolonial history
Picture of Erle Refsum Refsum, Erle
Picture of Hilde Stendal Robinson Robinson, Hilde Stendal Associate Professor +47 22845394 +47 90607081 Physiotherapy, Physical Activity, Musculoskeletal disorders, Pelvic Girdle Pain, Neck and low back pain
Picture of Sture Rognstad Rognstad, Sture Lecturer +47 22844694 +47 95820189 +4795820189
Picture of Maria Romøren Romøren, Maria Postdoctoral Fellow +47 57839000
Picture of Tone Rustøen Rustøen, Tone Adjunct Professor +47 22859229
Picture of Ernst Kristian Rødland Rødland, Ernst Kristian Associate Professor +47 23072224
Picture of Anita Salamonsen Salamonsen, Anita Researcher