Tore Hofstad

Research interests

  • Compulsory mental health care
  • QCA


Hofstad, T., Rugkåsa, J., Ose, S.O., Nyttingnes, O., Kjus, S.H.H., and Husum, T.L. (2021), Service Characteristics and Geographical Variation in Compulsory Hospitalisation: An Exploratory Random Effects Within–Between Analysis of Norwegian Municipalities, 2015–2018. Frontiers in Psychiatry.

Hofstad, T., Rugkåsa, J., Ose, S.O., Nyttingnes, O. and Husum, T.L. (2021), Measuring the level of compulsory hospitalisation in mental health care: The performance of different measures across areas and over time. Int J Methods Psychiatr Res e1881.

Hofstad, T., Hampton, J. A., & Hofmann, B. (2020). What Makes Some Diseases More Typical than Others? A Survey on the Impact of Disease Characteristics and Professional Background on Disease Typicality. INQUIRY: The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision, and Financing.

Hofstad, Tore (2019). QCA & the Robustness range of calibration thresholds: how sensitive are solution terms to changing calibrations? COMPASSS Working Paper Series 2019-92.


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