About Centre for Global Health

The Centre for Global Health at the University of Oslo is established to coordinate and facilitate educational and scientific activities related to global health. The Centre aims to contribute to the strengthening of the interdisciplinary cooperation internally at the University of Oslo and with other central actors that work on global health.

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Illustrations of Signatory Themes at the Centre for Global Health, UiO

The Centre for Global Health (CGH) is an initiative of the Faculty of Medicine (MedFac), hosted by the Institute of Health and Society (HELSAM). The focus of the CGH is to support and link the existing strong knowledge base of Global Health research at MedFac to relevant networks, and human and financial resources, while further enhancing Global Health research capacity within the university. Another key function of CGH is to disseminate information to the wider community of researchers, decision makers and the public, while enhancing the Global Health profile of MedFac through high quality events, communication and reporting.


To facilitate capacity development in research and education in Global Health at MedFac and UiO and with relevant (external) players.


Overall, the mission of CGH is to strengthen the multidisciplinary cooperation at MedFac and UiO and other leading academic institutions. More concretely, CGH will build sustainable research excellence programs in selected Global Health research areas that, in addition to its scientific value, reaches into society and influences policy in the Global Health Arena in Norway and abroad, thereby becoming a leading national and international Global Health network/institution.

The Centre for Global Health actively participates in Global Health Norway / The Norwegian Forum for Global Health Research, and in the management of Norwegian Research School of Global Health. The CGH is hosting the NORPART EXCEL SMART Project.

Day-to-day management


Jeanette H. Magnus               

Managing Director

Ingeborg K. Haavardsson                 

Deputy Director and Co-chair of the Lancet One Health Commission

Andrea S. Winkler                  

Communications Officer

Gabriella Rodriguez                

Coordinator - Lancet One Health Commission

Christina Brux Mburu   



Management advisors

  Prof. Johanne Sundby                 

Prof. Christoph Gradmann                 Image may contain: Glasses, Chin, Forehead.


Norpart Excel Smart staff

Senior Adviser Jeanette H. Magnus                 
Ester Mæland                 Image may contain: Person, Hair, Face, Chin, Forehead.


Board of Directors and Technical Advisory Board

The Centre for Global Health is led by a Board of Directors of national and international experts from the field of Global Health and the University of Oslo. The centre also gets technical advice from the Technical Advisory Board, consisting of the 13 leaders of our Signatory Themes.

The Technical Advisory Board

  • Non-communicable diseases: Professor Espen Bjertness, Dep. of Community Medicine and Global Health, Institute of Health & Society, UiO
  • Mental health: Associate Professor Suraj Thapa, Adult Psychiatry Unit, Institute of clinical Medicine, UiO
  • Maternal and child health: Professor Johanne Sundby, Dep. of Community Medicine and Global Health, Institute of Health & Society and Deputy Director of CGH, UiO
  • Infectious diseases: Professor Anna Margarita Dyrhol Riise, Dep. of Infectious Diseases, Institute of Clinical Medicine, UiO
  • Nutrition: Professor Nanna Lien, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Division of Clinical Nutrition, UiO
  • Education: Professor Elia Mmbaga, Dep. of Community Medicine and Global Health, Institute of Health & Society, UiO 
  • Migrant health and social inequalities: Associate Professor Bernadette Kumar, Norwegian Centre for Minority Health Research (NAKMI)
    • Co-leader: Researcher Ahmed Ali Madar, Dep. of Community Medicine and Global Health, Institute of Health & Society, UiO
  • One-Health (environment, animal health, human health): Ernst Kristian Rødland, Dep. of Community Medicine and Global Health, Institute of Health & Society, UiO
  • Digital health: Professor Josef Noll, Department of Technology Systems, The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UiO
  • Health systems and global governance: Ass. Professor Trygve Ottersen, Dep. of Community Medicine and Global Health, Institute of Health & Society, UiO
  • Contemporary history and anthropology: Professor Christoph Gradmann, Dep. of Community Medicine and Global Health, Institute of Health & Society, UiO
  • Paediatrics: Professor Britt Nakstad, Division of Medicine and Laboratory Sciences, Institute of Clinical Medicine, UiO
  • Global Surgery and Anaesthetics: Camilla Aukrust, Oslo University Hospital
  • Director of the CGH: Professor Andrea S. Winkler, Institute of Health & Society, UiO
  • Managing Director of the CGH: Ms. Ingeborg K. Haavardsson, Institute of Health & Society, UiO

The Board of Directors

  • Terje P. Hagen, Head of Department, Institute of Health and Society, UiO (Leader)
  • Professor Sidsel Roalkvam, Director, Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM), UiO
  • Professor Ingvild Sandøy, Research leader of Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care (IGS) & Deputy Director of CISMAC, University of Bergen, UiB
  • Kristine H. Storholt, Assistant Director, Section for Natural Resource Management and Financial Flows, Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD)
  • Professor Flemming Konradsen, Director, Copenhagen School of Global Health, University of Copenhagen
  • Professor Johanne Sundby, Department of Community Medicine and Global Health, Institute of Health and Society, UiO
  • Anne Bergh, Director of Global Health, Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH)
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