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Many drivers of ill health lie beyond the control of national governments and, most often, also outside the realms of the health sector. How can global governance processes outside the health system better protect and promote the health of the world’s populations? This is a question The Lancet - University of Oslo Commission on Global Governance for Health addresses in its report: The Political Origins of Health Inequity: Prospects for Change.

Independent Panel on Global Governance for Health

Following the recommendations of The Lancet - University of Oslo Commission, an Independent Panel on Global Governance for Health has been established. The Panel aims to provide evidence, based on high quality, independent research and analysis, which can be used to inform and impact on political processes that influence global health. Its findings will be published in an annual report in The Lancet.

The Panel is chaired by former Commission member, Professor Desmond McNeill. The members of the Panel are independent experts within the areas of global governance, trade, law and development.

The Panel is supported by an Advisory Board, chaired by rector Ole Petter Ottersen.


  • healthsummit1-507 Health Summit: Governance for Health in a Changing World

    10 -11 November 2014, Durham University organized a summit on the topic of governance for health in a changing world. Rector Ole Petter Ottersen was one of the key speakers, presenting the work of The Lancet - University of Oslo Commission.

Launch event on February 11th

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