Digital Global Health

This crosscutting theme will support the Centre for Global Health's main aim to advance the Sustainable Development Goals.

In the world of today, digital global health is an entry point and enabler for the digital transformation, addressing health, healthcare, participation and society. Digital Global Health aims to share knowledge on strategies seeking to enhance efficiency of healthcare delivery, community empowerment, sensor-supported diagnosis, treatment and monitoring, highlighting studies and global data.

Image: The technical dimension of Digital Global Health includes upstream data through Health information system platforms (HISP), Sensor developments, Big Data and machine learning, as well as Digital Health Promotion (DHP) and community involvement.

The Centre for Global Health (CGH) at the University of Oslo (UiO) will foster knowledge compilation and experience by sharing about the use of innovative digital technology, serving as a hub for research, as well as a catalyst for digital transformation, digital health promotion and digital literacy - all directly affecting digital health strategies and health care services in low and middle income countries (LMICs). Digital health is a dimension that cuts across the CGH’s overall mission to advance capacity for global health research, education and communication.

The CGH will use digital technology and innovation as a crosscutting theme to:

  • advance education and learning in global health,  
  • build networks and partnerships accelerating digital health advancement, 
  • empower patients and community members improving health literacy in LMICs, 
  • share knowledge to lessen the divide in use of digital tools in health care in LMICs,  
  • increase knowledge and advance best practice in global health research. 

Past Events

Digital Global Health: Empowering Resilient Communities through Digital Transformation - The launch of the Digital Global Health Crosscutting Theme is celebrated with an online event discussing the contribution of digital health to digital transformation and creating resilient communities - September 23, 2021.

Launch Event - recording available

Other Resources


Josef Noll

Professor, Department of Technology Systems (ITS), University of Oslo & Secretary General, Basic Internet Foundation

Image may contain: Tie, Clothing, Forehead, Hair, Nose.Josef Noll, is leader of the digital cross-cutting theme at the Center for Global Health. He is a worldwide advocate for digital inclusion and societal empowerment, supporter of community networks across Africa, and well-recognised keynote speaker for digital transformation. He is actively connecting schools and communities, with the focus on leaving no-one behind in the path to digital.

Resource Group

The resource group will support the leader in advancing the CGH's ambitions for digital as a crosscutting integrated theme.

Anne Moen

Professor, Institute for Health and Society at UiO

Image of Anne MoenAnne Moen, is a co-lead of the cross-cutting theme. She is also director of the UiO:eColab on eInfrastructures to support Complex Interventions and Interdisciplinary Teamwork, and has held a series of leadership positions in international health informatics groups, e.g. President of EFMI (European Federation for Medical Informatics), member of EU eHealth Stakeholder Groups, Vice-President of IMIA (International Medical Informatics Association). 

Sundeep Sahay

Professor, Department of Informatics at UiO

Bilde av Sundeep SahaySundeep Sahay, is a co-lead of the cross-cutting theme. He is a driver for the public health informatics and the applicability in developing countries, and focuses on the implementation of the distributed health information platform ( in a variety of countries. He is a well-recognised book author of 5 books and an impressive number of scientific publications

Anne Berg

Director for Global Health, Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Photo of Anne BerghAnne Bergh, is a co-lead of the cross-cutting theme. Her focus is on health services, addressing global outreach and preparedness. She is active in international development collaboration and contributes to international organisations on behalf of Norway.

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