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American and Norwegian health care: a new prescription for both?

The health services in the US faces great challenges and the future is now more uncertain than for a long time. At this launch event, Obamacare-architect Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel presents his forthcoming book "Prescription for the Future".


"Zeke Emanuel is a force of nature. Author, ethicist, cook, medic, policymaker: he makes other over-achievers look lazy and inadequate. There are very few policy experts - in health care or any other field - with Zeke's smarts, political antenna and persuasive Powers." – Richard Wolffe, political analyst. Photo:

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Twelve transformative practices are proposed by Ezekiel Emanuel – among them profound changes in the coordination of chronic care and in the measurement of quality. Following recent conversations with Donald Trump, Emanuel will also explain how these changes can happen during his presidency. General practitioner Bente Aschim and Professor Jan Frich will comment on the implications of the proposed practices for the Norwegian health service.


Trygve Ottersen, Executive Director, Norweigan Institute of Public Health, Ass. professor, Institute of Health and Society, UiO


Andrea S. Winkler, Neurologist, Chair of Global Health and Director of the Centre for Global Health, UiO.

Key note

Ezekiel Emanuel, Medical doctor, Professor, University of Pennsylvania.


Bente Aschim, General practitioner, former winner of the "Allmennlegeprisen", the General practitioner award.

Jan Frich, Professor of Medicine, expert on health management and quality of health service.


Ezekiel Emanuel is a doctor, professor at University of Pennsylvania and a White House advisor. He has written several books, and is writing regularly in the New York Times.


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