Cancelled - The “Triple Dividend”: Investing in Gender Equality within the Global Health Workforce

Unfortunately, we have received notice that the 2020 World Health Summit Regional Meeting in Kampala, Uganda, has been postponed.

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from report: Delivered by Women, Led by Men: A Gender and Equity Analysis of the Global Health Workforce


Cancelled - The “Triple Dividend”: Investing in Gender Equality within the Global Health Workforce - WGH panel at the World Health Summit Regional Meeting Uganda 2020 

We only have a decade left to achieve the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). By investing to close gender gaps in the health workforce, LMIC governments can reap a “triple dividend” by accelerating achievement of at least three of the goals - health (SDG 3), gender equality (SDG 5), and economic growth (SDG 8). Join the Women in Global Health panel at this years's World Health Summit Regional Meeting in Uganda.

This session will explore the smart strategies that are needed to close gender pay gaps, reduce women’s unpaid work, address occupational segregation, and increase the very low proportion of women in leadership roles in the health sector in LMICs. It will address the special role governments and businesses as major employers of women in healthcare must play in closing gender pay gaps and achieving 50% women in health leadership, and the importance of civil society advocacy for gender equality in obtaining Universal Health Coverage and the SDGs. The session will cover many of the issues raised by WHO and Women in Global Health in the report, 'Delivered by Women, Led by Men: A Gender and Equity Analysis of the Global Health Workforce,' including the large percentage of female health workers in LMICs working on insecure terms and conditions, without a supportive legal and social protection framework. There will be a specific focus on best practice policies to accelerate gender equality so that the health workforce can make a major contribution to better health for all. 

Session Objectives

1. To increase awareness that health systems which pay women properly for their work and ensure an  equal in leadership role in the sector can deliver a “triple dividend” of better health, gender equality, and economic growth.

2. To encourage LMIC governments and health institutions to commit to closing the gender gap in payment in the health workforce, to addressing the scourge of unpaid work, and to achieving 50% women in health leadership roles by 2030.

3. To mobilize civil society in LMICs to advocate for gender equality in the health workforce as part of the commitment to Universal Health Coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals.



Prof. Andrea S. Winkler, Director of Centre for Global Health at the University of Oslo Faculty of Medicine, professor at the Department for Community Medicine and Global Health, at the Institute of Health and Society, Co-chair Women in Global Health (WGH) Norway


Dr. Roopa Dhatt, Co-founder & Executive Director, Women in Global Health (WGH)


Hon. Dr. Joyce Moriku Kaducu, Hon. State Minister for Health - Primary Health Care, Republic of Uganda

Desta Lakew, Director of Partnerships, Amref Health Africa 

Dr. Mwenya Kasone, Co-Chair of the Gender Equity Hub, World Health Organization and Women in Global Health, Ass. Director of Global Health, Ministry of Health, Zambia 

Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, World Health Organization Regional Director for Africa (TBC)



Published Feb. 3, 2020 2:58 PM - Last modified Mar. 31, 2020 11:31 AM