Addressing Career Development for Women During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Norway - COVID 50/50 Task Force

Join this online webinar as invited speakers share reflections and personal experiences about how COVID-19 has affected career development prospects in Norway.

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This webinar has been recorded and can be viewed here:

Globally, women carry a dual burden between work and home, recruiting more than men for unpaid roles and providing the majority of domestic work and care for their families. The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated these challenges (UN Women Report). While Norway has a strong social system and a more egalitarian society than most countries, COVID-19 still has an impact on many women in the workforce. Therefore, the WGH Norway COVID 50/50 Taskforce has invited speakers to share reflections and personal experiences about how COVID-19 has affected career development prospects in Norway and the labor market.

More about the COVID 50/50 Task force

Join us as we continue the conversation covering Ask 1 & 2 (WGH's Five Asks for Gender-Responsive Global Health Security) from the recent WGH Norway Annual Conference into ASK 3: Recognize the value of women’s unpaid care work by including it in the formal labor market and redistributing unpaid family care equally. Hear from speakers in the Norwegian academic and private sectors as we unpack and recognize if and how the pandemic has affected gender equality at home and at work. This will include an overview of gender equality in the Norwegian labor market and reflections of the current situation of the pandemic and its impacts, particularly in relation to Ask 3. All participants much register to join!

Program and Speakers

| 15:00 | Welcome and Introduction


Candela Iglesias Chiesa - Founder, Alanda Health | Advisory Group Member & Leader, COVID 50/50 Taskforce, WGH Norway

| 15:05 | Presentation: Gender Equality in the Norwegian Labor Market


Mari Teigen | Researcher & Head of CORE (Center for Gender Equality Research), Institute for Social Research


| 15:15 | Perspectives from the Academic Sector


Anne Spurkland | Professor in Molecular Immunology, University of Oslo | Member, WGH Norway 


| 15:25 | Perspectives from the Private Sector


Chelsea Ranger | Founder, C. Ranger Consulting & Member, WGH Norway COVID 50/50 Taskforce


|15:35 | Panel Discussion and Q&A with the Audience



COVID 50/50 Taskforce Event Sub-group (organizers):

Claudia Barth       Fiona Vande Velde 

Britt Nakstad        Else Charlotte Sandset 

Carolyn Clark       Jennifer Muderedzi 

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