Standing Committees and Task Force Meeting

As a member, are you wondering how to get more involved with WGH Norway? Well, here it is! 

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The first meeting to begin work on the newly established task force, Vulnerable Children - consequences for gender equality led by Advisory Group Member, Ingvill Constanze Mochmann will take place on September 8th at 11:00 CET via Zoom. During this meeting, a leader for each Standing Committee will be selected and discussions about which activities each Standing Committee would like to lead will be on the agenda. To register for one or more of the Standing Committees - see below. Complete the "Meeting Sign-up" form below to receive an outlook invite/meeting link.

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Standing Committees 

This new structure has been created for capacity and skills development for members based on the experience gained from the pioneer group (COVID 50/50 Task force). The Standing Committees will work with ad-hoc task forces led by Advisory Group Members on emerging global and national trends that is of a particular interest to WGH Norway and its members. All WGH Norway members are welcome to join one or more of the Standing Committees.

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1. Networking

To provide value by organizing in-person networking activities and to encourage collaborations such as mentoring and other productive relations. 

2. Advocacy 

To provide advocacy for needed areas of change through interviews, short stories and articles that can be published and shared nationally. 
3. Leadership 

To provide support for the development of capacity strengthening through workshops, based on the needs stated by members (e.g. leadership, negotiation, grant writing, etc).

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