Joint Action on Health Equity Europe (JAHEE)

JAHEE is a European collaborative project where Member States work jointly to address health inequalities and achieve greater equity in health outcomes across all groups in society, in all participating countries and in Europe at large.

Joint Action on Health Equity Europe (JAHEE) is a new European collaborative project focusing on the inequalities in health and funded through the third health program in the EU. The project involves the European Commission and 22 EU member states, as well as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Norway and Serbia.  

Reducing health inequalities is on the agenda of many countries. Despite an increasing concern and awareness on health inequalities, a wide gap exists in Europe in terms of political response. The overall objective of JAHEE is improved health and the well-being of European citizens and greater equity in health outcomes across all groups in society. In addition, JAHEE will also include a specific focus on both vulnerable groups and migrants.

Norway’s Participation - WP 7. Migration and Health 

The Centre for Global Health’s (CGH), Signatory Theme Leader (Migrant Health & Social Inequalities), Bernadette Nirmal Kumar leads and manages WP 7 on Migration and Health. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) assists with funding and participation including two project participants – Helen Ghebremedhin and Charlott Elise Gyllenhammar NordstrømJeanette H. Magnus, CGH Director, serves on the Technical Advisory Committee per request by the Ministry of Health and Care Services (HOD).  A total of 13 countries in the EU participate in WP 7. During the project period (2019-2021), the team will implement at least one measures that aims at reducing inequality in health for immigrants in Norway. More information about Norway’s participation and WP 7 can be found here.  

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Collating existing data to identify gaps in policy and practice to address equity in health for migrants Nordström C, Ingleby D, Dias S, Magnus JH & Kumar B (2019)
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