NRSGH Photo Contest Winners

The Norwegian Research School of Global Health hosted a photo contest during the two-day 4th Annual PhD Conference. Congratulations to the winners!

PhD Conference in Global Health

The Norwegian Research School in Global Health (NRSGH) hosted the 4th Annual PhD Conference virtually on September 29 & 30th. This event is NRSGH’s main national event and creates an arena for students conducting research in global health topics to discuss relevant topics and broaden their network in a friendly atmosphere. The program included lectures by invited speakers, group work, discussions and social activities including a photo competition.

PhD candidates affiliated with the NRSGH were invited to submit up to three photos that exemplify or capture a key global health challenge, solution or research question central to the PhD research undertaken by the individual PhD candidate. During the conference the winners were announced. Congratulations to Camilla Grøver Aukrust from UiO, Emily McLean from UiB and Chandra M. Yoga from NTNU.

Photo Contest Winners

1st Place Winner - Camilla Grøver Aukrust, UiO 

Image may contain: Room, Surgeon.

Camilla’s description of the photo:

“This photo exemplifies a solution to a global health problem. There is a severe lack of neurosurgeons in sub-Saharan Africa. Through the Blantyre-Oslo Neurosurgical Exchange Program, an institutional health partnership between Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Malawi and Oslo University Hospital in Norway, the aim is to establish a sustainable neurosurgical service for the population of Malawi, partly through specialist education of Malawian doctors. The picture portrays two neurosurgeons, my Norwegian mentor, Dr. Slettebø and my Malawian supervisor Dr. Kamalo, together with a young female Malawian doctor who is doing specialist training to become a neurosurgeon.”

2nd Place Winner - Emily McLean, UiB

Emily’s description of the photo:

“Unsafe abortion is still one of the major reasons for death and disability amongst women of reproductive age. It disproportionally effects poor women in settings with restrictive abortion laws as they do not have the means to pay for nor travel to a place where they can have safe abortion procedures done.”

3rd Place Winner - Chandra M Yogal, NTNU

Chandra’s description of the photo:

“A 35-year-old woman having an oral hygiene screening at a primary school. This was a never before done oral hygiene screenin. A research team found a decayed tooth, which need to be extracted and she was invited for a tooth extraction at a health center where we lived. She was treated for free by our team.”

More information about NRSGH’s 2020 National PhD Conference in Global Health can be found here.

Published Oct. 5, 2020 11:57 AM