RELIGHT - Apply now!

The Centre for Global Health is excited to announce that the Research ExceLlence and Innovation in Global HealTh (RELIGHT) programme is open and accepting applications! RELIGHT has been created to assist research groups in advancing their global health agenda through project development support. Deadline extended: 1 October 2021

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The Research ExceLlence and Innovation in Global HealTh (RELIGHT) programme, supported by the Faculty of Medicine at UiO, has been established to assist research groups in becoming leaders in the global health field. The overall aim is to lift already strong research groups at the Faculty of Medicine and encourage their success in obtaining external funding for reaching the status of research and innovation excellence.

The Centre for Global Health encourages research groups to apply as it has proven to be a fruitful opportunity with the greater chance of leading to expansion and further opportunities. Learn more about the 2019-2021 RELIGHT awarded research groups and how their research has developed. 

Aim of the call

RELIGHT will award project development support to three groups with 300.000 NOK total over the course of three years, which will facilitate capacity towards receiving external funding. Successful applicants are encouraged and should aim for obtaining funding within the schemes such as Centres of Excellence (SFF - the Norwegian Research Council), EU Horizon 2020 or equivalent, in Norway.

Who can apply?

  • UiO or OUS affiliates (faculty, hospital, postdoctoral fellows) belonging to established research groups and aspiring to be excellent researchers in global health;
  • at least one person in the group must be employed at UiO;
  • groups of which the PI or Co-PI is working at the Faculty of Medicine, UiO, will have an advantage;
  • a person can be part of different applying groups but can only hand in one application as the leading applicant.

Read more about the RELIGHT programme, the application process and the funding procedure.

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Illustration: Øystein Horgmo, UiO
Published May 3, 2021 9:50 AM - Last modified Oct. 21, 2021 1:01 PM