Filming for a MOOC in Ethiopia

This month, Øystein Røynesdal from the Centre for Global Health went to Jimma and Addis Ababa in Ethiopia with the NORPART: EXCEL SMART program. The aim was to record video lectures and illustrative material for use in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on how to write PhD proposals in the Health Sciences.

Audun Bjerknes filming Fikadu Balcha, PhD student at Department of Nursing (Photo: Øystein Røynesdal)

A MOOC is a widely accessible and free digital learning resource with a global target audience. The development of this MOOC is led by Anne Moen and is funded by EXCEL SMART and The Faculty of Medicine. The MOOC targets Postgraduate students who wish to apply for a PhD in Norway or internationally. It will feature lectures with Anne Moen and Jeanette Magnus from UiO, and Fikadu Balcha, Misra Abdulahi, Muktar Ahmed, Berhane Mergessa and Muluembet Abera from JU among others. The lectures in the MOOC present generic elements of the PhD proposal, such as developing research questions, doing literature reviews, designing your study, project organization and more. 

Audun Bjerknes preparing to film Misra Abdulahi (Photo: Øystein Røynesdal)

The MOOC is a part of NORPART:EXCEL SMART, led by Jeanette Magnus, an academic mobility program that collaborates with Jimma University (JU) aiming to enhance the quality of higher education in Ethiopia, and expand and strengthen the academic cooperation between JU and the UiO. An important aim of the EXCEL SMART program is to increase quality and internationalization of the new JU One-PhD in Health Sciences. The MOOC is one way of towards this goal.

“It was a great experience and very inspiring to visit Ethiopia andJimma for the first time and to see the great work they do in the local community“

(Photo: Øystein Røynesdal)

Øystein, xxx and Auden
Audun Bjerknes, Fikadu Balcha and Øystein Røynesdal (in front) (Photo: Øystein Røynesdal)

The team, consisting of Øystein, Jeanette Magnus, Anne Moen and Audun Bjerknes, had very productive days and could return home to Oslo with plenty of material for the MOOC. However, there is still a lot of work remaining, but Øystein is positive that the team are on schedule to launch the MOOC:

“We anticipate releasing the MOOC worldwide in the early months of 2019 on the FutureLearn platform”.

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Driving around in Jimma


By Nicoline Lokdam, Øystein Røynesdal
Published Sep. 24, 2018 11:17 AM - Last modified Apr. 24, 2019 11:03 AM