Webinar Series hosted by the Centre for Global Health

The Centre for Global Health is currently hosting, organizing and collaborating on a variety of global health related webinars. These webinars make up different series including Global Health and the 2030 Agenda, One Health-Reconnecting for Our Future and Women in Global Health Norway. All webinars are available for free participation with registration to the individual events. Webinars are usually recorded and accessible via the Global Health UiO channel.

Global Health and the 2030 Agenda

Finding sustainable solutions to global health challenges is urgent in an increasingly globalized and unequal world. As an initiative of the Faculty of Medicine, the CGH is dedicated to UiO's agenda to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and its challenges. Here, coordinated events and activities about global health including topics related to the 2030 Agenda and SDGs can be found and are available to our network and more generally, the public.

View previous webinars part of the Global Health and the 2030 Agenda series.

Upcoming Webinars

26 Oct.
9:00 AM, Knowledge centre, KA11, Campus Øya, NTNU
03 Nov.
8:30 AM, Gamle festsal



One Health – Reconnecting for Our Future

The CGH is hosting The Lancet One Health Commission webinar series, One Health – Reconnecting for Our Future. This series aims to: (1) increase awareness of One Health in general and of its relevance for health security in the COVID-19 era, (2) share and disseminate the work of the Commission, and (3) foster a multi-directional dialogue among the academic and scientific community, the policy community, the NGO community, frontline clinicians, and ‘next generation’ students and young professionals.

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Upcoming Webinars

No Upcoming Events


Women in Global Health Norway

WGH Norway is a national chapter part of the global movement Women in Global Health. The overarching aims of WGH Norway include supporting women in global health and mitigating barriers that deter women from leadership roles in global health, nationally and globally. Join our online events that strive to (1) Connect and network, (2) Mobilize and advocate for change, (3) Contribute to capacity development, and (4) Contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

View previous webinars from Women in Global Health Norway.

Upcoming Webinars

27 Oct.
9:00 AM, Knowledge Centre, NTNU



Global Health and the Pandemic

The CGH is providing a virtual space for scholars, practitioners, researchers, students and advocates through its webinar series, Global Health and the Pandemic. This series will provide reports from the frontlines and foster critical discussions on global health headlining the COVID-19 pandemic.

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*This series has concluded and all Global Health and the Pandemic webinars are available for viewing here.


Here you can view recordings from past webinars via the Global Health UiO channel and for all upcoming CGH events and webinars - see here.

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