Participants in Centre for Global Health: Infectious Diseases

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Anne Margarita Dyrhol Riise Professor II
Dag Kvale Head of Department +47 22850546
Fekadu Abebe Senior Researcher +47 22850623 Global South
Gunnar Aksel Bjune Professor Emeritus +47 22850640 Global South
Arnoldo Frigessi Professor +47 22851004 +4795735574 (mob) +47-95735574 Life sciences, Biostatistics, Genetic and epidemiology, Cancer, Stochastic models, Statistical inference, Complex stochastic dependence, Computational intensive statistics
Kåre Moen Associate Professor +47 22850599 +47 90923780 (mob) Global South
Christoph Gradmann Professor +47 22850615 +47 48420261 Medical History, Global Health, Antibiotic Resistance, Infectious diseases
Tone Tønjum Professor +47 90152936 (mob)
Hilde Jørgensen
Erik Qvigstad Professor Emeritus +47 22119815
Dominique A Caugant Professor II +47 22844637 Global South
Morten Lindbæk Professor +47 22850646
Jon Michael Gran Associate Professor +47 22851454 +4799229156 (mob) Biostatistics, causal inference, survival analysis
Sigve Holmen
Anne Spurkland Professor +47 22851125 +47-41574078 Blood and immunology, Genetic and epidemiology, Brain and nervous system, Life science
Erik Dissen Professor +47 22851152 +47 91823478 (mob) Immunology, Life science, NK cells
Pål Aukrust Professor II +47 23071916
Birgitte Freiesleben de Blasio Professor II +47 22851508 Biostatistics
Dag Berild +47 22119152
Oliver Mutanga
Kristina Berg Lorvik
Anne-Marte Bakken Kran
Kjetil Tasken Professor II +47 90860759 (mob) Cell signalling, Cancer, Cancer biology, Cancer research, Health, Immunology, Life sciences, Regulatory T cells, T cells, Precision Medicine, Personalised Medicine
Paul Wenzel Geissler Professor +47 22857579 Anthropology of science, postcolonial science studies, Medical Anthropology, Social change, Historical anthropology, Temporality, Africa, Kenya, Tanzania