Centre for Global Health: One Health

One Health takes a holistic, cross and multidisciplinary view and aims to promote and improve the health of humans, animals and the environment taking into account the interdependence of different milieus.

Photo:© UiO/Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen

Photo:© UiO/Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen


Cystinet Africa - The Cysticercosis and Taneosis Network of Sub Saharan Africa - Andrea Winkler

About our research

Zoonotic diseases, i.e. diseases that require an animal reservoir, represent examples par excellence for an One Health approach. One Health not only revolves around human, animal and environmental health, but also brings other disciplines like social, economic and political sciences on board and borrows largely from the concept of public and global health. Therefore collaboration and communication across stakeholders and disciplines represents an integral part. One Health strives to find solutions to global challenges involving public authorities and administrations, research bodies and the industry at both national and international level. Projects linked to the Centre for Global Health focus on zoonotic disease networks in Sub-Saharan Africa and emerging diseases in the sense of global health preparedness, climate change and emerging health-related challenges such as antimicrobial resistance (AMR), environmental pollution and toxins.


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