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Established in 2018, Women in Global Health (WGH) Norway was founded with the values of being a movement.

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About Us

WGH Norway is initiated by a diverse group of professionals working in global health, from academics to practitioners, with varied global and interdisciplinary backgrounds. This national chapter is committed to gender parity in global health as a priority, and committed to increasing the proportion of women in leadership positions in global health. WGH Norway creates a platform for discussion and collaborative space for leadership and facilitates specific education and training. It fosters support and commitment from the global community, and demands space for Gender Transformative Leadership. Our team is composed of a secretariat team, currently hosted by the Centre for Global health, University of Oslo (UiO) and 300 members. Meet the WGH Norway Members!

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The Vision of WGH Norway is equal gender representation in leadership within global health.


Our Mission is to build momentum, create enabling environments for gender parity and promote gender-transformative leadership in global health for sustainable and equitable global health.


What We Want To Do

The primary objectives for WGH Norway are to create space for women in global health to achieve their leadership potential, and break the barriers for women to taking on leadership roles in global health, nationally and globally. In order to achieve these objectives, the initiative will focus on the following goals: Connecting, Networking, Advocacy.


  • academia, the NGO sector, the governmental sector and the private sector within Global Health in Norway;
  • WGH Norway to the global WGH community;
  • WGH Norway closely to its sister chapters in Scandinavia;
  • WGH Norway to the Global Health community at large nationally and internationally.


  • to enable effective exchange of experience and know-how;
  • to ensure mentors are linked to mentees;
  • to serve as an easy reference for women to be taken into consideration for leadership positions, decisionmaking bodies, and conferences;
  • through WGH events and activities.


  • for strengthening equal opportunities and facilitate women’s participation in global health leadership, nationally and world-wide;
  • for addressing the need for gender equality in global health leadership nationally and internationally;
  • for interests and needs of our selected sister-networks in the Global South.


WGH Norway Secretariat:

Ingeborg K. Haavardsson

Gabriella Rodriguez


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