Participate in Operation 50/50: Women’s Perspectives Save Lives

The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious global health emergency and we can't afford to ignore women's expertise and perspectives in our public health response. Join in supporting equitable representation in global health decision-making.

Photo: Operation 50/50 Campaign Poster (Photo by: Women in Global Health)

In partnership with Women of Color Advancing Peace and Security and Women in Global Health, a list is being complied of expert women who are working to strengthen global, regional, national, and local capacities to prevent, detect, and respond to outbreaks. Join in supporting equitable representation in global health decision-making by nominating an expert woman below.

Worldwide, women have been underrepresented in expert and advisory committees as part of the COVID-19 epidemic:

  • In the WHO Emergency Committee on COVID-19, 20% are women
  • In the WHO-China Joint Mission on COVID-19, 16% are women
  • Two out of three interviewed in the media globally as experts on the COVID-19 epidemics are men
Photo: Operation 50/50 Campaign Facts (Photo by: Women in Global Health)

Please use the button below to submit your nomination. In addition, we also ask that you please notify the WGH Norway Secretariat at of your nomination to the list so that we may track the activity on a national level.

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The voices of diverse women experts add value to any global health security decision-making body, as well as to media coverage of emerging threats especially with the current and ongoing global issues of COVID-19. In failing to give women a seat at the decision-making table, governments and international agencies trying to solve crises like COVID-19:

  1. miss out on critical expertise because they aren’t leveraging the entire global health security talent pool
  2. miss out on the gender dimensions of health emergencies, including the role of women in health care provision, the differences in disease transmission and outcomes between the sexes, and gender-based disparities in the way the sick seek medical care
  3. are more likely to overlook the wider consequences of epidemics on reproductive, maternal and child health, such as lack of access to maternal and neonatal care, feminine hygiene products and contraception products
  4. miss out on leveraging the vast networks of women in affected countries who are part of the solution to containing the virus

Women in Global Health and Women of Color Advancing Peace and Security are working to change this disconnect between vulnerability and representation in health security. This roster of expert women includes those who are working to strengthen global, regional, national, and local capacities to prevent, detect, and respond to outbreaks.

Our roster of women health security experts represents a diverse group of talented women-

  • Experts are drawn from all over the world, and specialize in a variety of security-related global health fields
  • Over thirty countries are represented, from all regions of the world
  • Over a quarter self-identify as Women of Color.

Operation 50/50 nominations are accepted on a rolling basis and this list will be regularly updated – at Are you a woman working in health security or do you know another woman working in this space? Are you a man with female colleagues you want to elevate?

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Published Mar. 27, 2020 8:57 AM - Last modified Mar. 31, 2020 11:59 AM