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CHARM - Research Centre for Habilitation and Rehabilitation Models & Services

CHARM is a research and service-user network of rehabilitation service research.

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Left to right: Marit Kirkevold, Ragnhild Hellesø, Cecilie Røe, Grace Engen

The objectives of CHARM are

  • to advance the quality of rehabilitation research and the expertise and skills of researchers in rehabilitation .
  • to develop and disseminate new knowledge regarding the content, organization and the coordination of rehabilitation services at and across different health service levels.
  • to promote service-user involvement in research by exploring the facilitative measures that promote such involvement and the effects of such collaborative engagement. 
  • to contribute to the implementation of knowledge and models that are essential to develop appropriate healthcare services for persons living with functional limitations.


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Service-user Panel

The service-user panel at CHARM is an important resource group for our rehabilitation research projects. The panel members have a wealth of experience working with diverse research groups and subject matters, and bring into discussions the perspectives and interests of service-users and patient organizations. In addition, the panel contributes to the dissemination of research findings and the development of models for service-user involvement in clinical research projects.

Our service-user panel consists of:

Cerebral Palsy Association

  • Randi Væhle

Norwegian Federation of Organisations of Disabled People (FFO)

  • Andreas Habberstad  

Norwegian Rheumatology Association

  • Jon Hagfors 

Norwegian Personal Injury Association (LTN)

  • Per Oretorp

National Research Network

The objective of establishing a National Research Network is to promote research activities and collaborations across rehabilitation research groups from various institutions, including universities, colleges, specialist and municipal health services. Another objective is to promote knowledge exchange that can facilitate the development of services for persons in need of rehabilitation independent of diagnoses.             

International Research Network

The objective of the International Research Network is to strengthen the quality and knowledge base in rehabilitation service research.

Reference Group 


Norwegian Public Welfare Agency (NAV)


Norwegian Federation of Organisations of Disabled People (FFO)

  • Andreas Habberstad  

Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS)

  • Sigrid Askum 

Norwegian Research School for Research & Development of Municipal Healthcare

CHARM is one of the partners of the Norwegian Research School for Research & Development of Municipal Healthcare, and plays a key role in the area of competency and network building within rehabilitation research. The objective of the graduate-level research school is to strengthen research within the municipal healthcare sector by educating researchers, generating knowledge, strengthening research infrastructure and network, as well as stimulating innovation in research.

To learn more about the Norwegian Research School for Research & Development of Municipal Healthcare (in Norwegian only)

Regional Knowledge Centre for rehabilitation (RKR)

To learn more about RKR (in Norwegian only)

How CHARM is organized

CHARM was established in 2011 at the Institute of Health and Society, University of Oslo and is funded by the Norwegian Research Council. CHARM is a research coalition consisting of researchers from universities and hospitals.

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