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Group for Elderly Care Research

We focus on care and support issues related to the elderly. The research group strives for excellence in research and research education and training at the local, national, Nordic, and international levels.

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About the group

The group has a strong, but not exclusive focus on research pertaining to care of the frail elderly wherever they may reside. Promoting the health and rehabilitation of the elderly is also a key area of interest and underpins the approach to much of the research undertaken. The group concentrates on producing research results that strengthen and inform the knowledge base underpinning the provision of high quality care and support to older persons. This also entails the exploration of novel theoretical and methodological approaches to elderly care research.

To ensure relevance for practice, research is conducted in close collaboration with community health and social services, hospital services and colleges with a focus on elderly care in their education. The Teaching Nursing Homes, originally conceptualized and developed under the leadership of Professor Kirkevold, are among our essential collaborative partners.


  1. Provide a focus for research and research development in the area of care of the elderly in Norway with particular, although not exclusive, emphasis on nursing care.
  2. Initiate and conduct research directed towards uncovering elderly people's particular care and support needs and thereby develop research-based interventions and services.
  3. Establish collaboration with research communities in the Nordic countries and internationally, in order to utilize existing knowledge and competence, and to strengthen research capacity in the area.
  4. To work with nurses and other care providers for older people to communicate relevant research-based knowledge to clinical and educational institutions, thereby strengthening the knowledge base needed to develop competence and quality of care for the elderly.

Research focus

  • Care and support related transitions that older people undergo
  • Life following stroke
  • Thriving in elderly years
  • Patient/user participation for older people and their families
  • The importance of space and place in care provision for the elderly
  • Loneliness and the elderly
  • Theoretical and methodological issues related to elderly care research
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