Participants in Global Health and Health Equity (GHE)

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Espen Bjertness Professor +47 22850636 Global South
Tone Kristin Omsland Associate Professor +47 22850606
Heidi Fjeld Associate Professor +47 22850603 +47 99013401 Medical Anthropology, Tibet, Nepal, China, India, Norway
Johanne Sommerchild Sundby Professor +47 22850598 +47 90558704 Global South
Ahmed Ali Madar Researcher +47 22850634 +47 99486552 (mob) Global South
Christoph Gradmann Professor +47 22850615 +4748420261 (mob) +47 48420261 Medical History, Global Health, Antibiotic Resistance, Infectious diseases
Camilla Grøver Aukrust Student
Lise Bjerke Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22858929 Global health, Antimicrobial resistance, AMR, Medical anthropology, India, South Asia, food security
Hanne Ochieng Lichtwarck Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22850635
Fekadu Abebe Senior Researcher +47 22850623 Global South
Andrea Sylvia Winkler Professor +47 22850640 Global South
Elia Mmbaga Associate Professor +47 22850632 +4747728384 Global South, Global health
Ruth Jane Prince Associate Professor +47 22857590 Social protection, Welfare, Critical global health; Anthropology of the state, Bureaucracy, Citizenship, Biopolitics, Humanitarianism, Medical Anthropology, Development, Historical anthropology, Temporality, Toxic waste; Waste economies, Postcolonial Science, Postcolonial history
Trygve Ottersen Associate Professor +47 22850537 global health, global health policy, Global South

Other participants