INFRA seminar

Welcome to a new AMR related event organised by the Interdisciplinary Forum for Research on Antimicrobial resistance (INFRA) at Helsam.

Sheet with "Antibiotics" written on it. On top of sheet there are pills and medical equipment.
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The seminar is open to all current and prospective INFRA research network participants, both students and researchers.

Please register for the seminar by February 4, 2022:

Register here

The seminar will be organised as a hybrid event. All covid-regulations will be followed to ensure the safety of anyone who wishes to physically attend. A zoom link will be shared in advance with registered participants, for those who wish to attend digitally.


  • Welcome and introductions
  • Updates on AMR related activities at Helsam’s departments – Sigurd Høye and Heidi Fjeld
  • Brief presentations
    • Feasibility of producing antibiotics in Norway – Christine Årdal (FHI)
    • Epidemiology of antibiotic-resistant, healthcare-associated infections in Norwegian hospitals – Anders Skyrud Danielsen (OUS/FHI)
    • Antibiotics in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon – Amanda Hylland Spjeldnæs (Helsam)
    • Enabling collaborative networks for multidisciplinary research and practice on AMR – “Social Studies of AMR in a Global Context" -  – Sundeep Sahay (Department of Informatics/Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Education (SHE), UiO)
  • Refreshments and mingling for those attending physically

About the network

Interdisciplinary Forum for Research on Antimicrobial resistance (INFRA) is a research network that aims to advance and strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration and research on antimicrobial and antibiotic resistance at the Institute of Health and Society (Helsam). INFRA's aim is to serve as an organizational umbrella and meeting point for national and international research activities on AMR across Helsam’s departments.

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