Modeling Health Care Utilization and Costs

Phd-course with Professor Partha Deb, Hunter College. The course will consist of lectures, student presentations and exercises. Stata will be used to estimate models and to answer questions.

Course Description

This is a PhD course in which we will cover a set of topics in health econometrics that focus on the modeling of healthcare expenditures, costs, and use.

The aim of this course is to learn how to con- duct nonlinear econometric analyses to better understand the nature of relationships between healthcare expenditures, costs and use and their determinants. The emphasis in this course will be on applying nonlinear econometric models to real-world problems. However, this requires a solid understanding of the theory behind estimation techniques and inference procedures which require rudiments of probabi- lity theory and statistics, and knowledge of basic properties of estimators.

The goal is to learn enough theory and get enough practice with empirical models to be able to read journal articles and to be able to conduct empirical research. Therefore, you will also be learn how to use Stata to estimate numerous nonlinear models and use the output to interpret results.

More details about the course content (pdf).


The course is open to ph.d. students in economics, including health economics. You need to have taken at least one post-graduate course in Econometrics and have working familiarity with Stata. Students from Nordic countries will be prioritized.

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