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Acupuncture for infantile colic (completed)

Infantile colic is a painful and  insufficiently understood condition in the first months of infancy. No consistent treatment recommendations exist. General practitioners (GPs) educated in Western medical acupuncture use acupuncture to relieve symptoms of infantile colic.

About the project

In a prospective, multicentre single-blind randomized controlled study, involving 13 GP´s offices throughout Southern Norway, we aim to test the hypothesis that acupuncture treatment has effect above placebo  in infantile colic.

The pilot study is published in Acupuncture in medicine in March 2011.


General Practice Research Foundation




Skjeie, Holgeir; Skonnord, Trygve T.; Fetveit, Arne; Brekke, Mette.
A pilot study of ST36 acupuncture for infantile colic. Acupuncture in Medicine 2011 s. -

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