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An evaluation of medical simulation training

An evaluation of the medical simulation training among the anesthetic staff and assessment of the effect of this knowledge in the clinic.

About the project

The project provides knowledge about:

  1. How medical simulation is performed with the focus on pedagogical methods, organization and evaluation of the effect.
  2. The anesthetic staffs experience of medical simulation training and implementation of this knowledge in the clinic.
  3. The effect of the medical simulation by observing the anesthetic staffs’ non-technical skills in connection with anaesthetic introduction in the operating room.


The aim of the study:

  1. Medical simulation training
    • Performance
  2. The anaesthetic staffs
    • Satisfaction
    • Implementation
  3. The effect
    • Observation


The anesthetic staff is satisfied with today’s medical simulation training. Further research will be conducted according to an account of the medical simulation training among the anesthetic staff, implementation of new knowledge and observation of non-technical skills.


Patient safety. Research within medical simulation training, Crew resource management (CRM), non-technical skills, team training, aviation.


  • Department of Nurse Anesthesia, Oslo University Hospital


  • Oslo University Hospital

Start - finish

2016 - 2022

Published Sep. 30, 2016 2:59 PM - Last modified Oct. 4, 2016 10:34 AM


  • Tone Rustøen
  • Torben Wisborg, UiT, OUS, Finnmarksykehuset
  • Luis Romundstad, OUS
  • Anne Strand Finstad, OUS
  • Conrad Bjørshol, SUS
Detailed list of participants