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Breathing control in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) (completed)

This is a double blinded randomized controlled trial (RCT) about breathing control.


  • To test whether the feeling of breathlessness in patients with COPD can be reduced by non-pharmaceutical means     
  • To examine whether possible changes in respiration rate and perceived breathlessness are accompanied by changes in physical function, other symptoms (i.e., depression, anxiety, fatigue, sleeping difficulties, pain), and quality of life


Breathlessness in patients with COPD may be caused by airway obstruction. A quick and short respiratory rate may occur, causing a feeling of increased breathlessness. Breathing control exercises that slow down exhalation have been shown to reduce respiratory rates and breathlessness.

This project is associated with the Department of Health Science, UiO


  • Norwegian ExtraFoundation for Health and Rehabilitation
  • Norwegian Nurses Organisation
  • Norwegian Heart and Lung Patient Organization
  • Department of Health Sciences, UiO


  • Lovisenberg Diakonale Hospital in Oslo
  • The University of Bergen (Professor Ernst Omenaas)
  • The University of Gothenburg (Professor Inger Ekman)
  • The Mayo Clinic in the USA (Respiratory physician Roberto Benzo)

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