Doing Health - Experiences among Elderly Pakistani Women in Norway (completed)

A qualitative, ethnographic study exploring the experiences of elderly Pakistani women in Norway and how they deal with being women, elderly and immigrants living in Oslo and at the same time suffering from muscular-skeletal pain.

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The main research objectives are to investigate the stories of socialization, the processes of marginalization, and social interactions that inform elderly Pakistani women´s ways of living with pain within Norwegian society.

The purpose is to highlight the specific challenges and dilemmas elderly Pakistani women experience and their ability to construct social capital.  This is to inform Norwegian health-promotion policy/ies regarding elderly Pakistani women in Norway.


Preliminary analyzes indicates that the elderly Pakistani women in Norway suffering from muscular-skeletal pain do surprisingly well despite the acculturative stress caused by being women, elderly and immigrants. The social organization of narrativity in the health-promoting service they take part in seems to have a health-promoting outcome.


The data collection by participant observation and ethnographic interviews, done by the Ph.D. research fellow has ended.  Analysis and the first article by the Ph.D. research fellow, the main supervisor, and the co-supervisor are in progress.  The analytical approach is inspired by the constructivist theoretical framework of narrative ethnography.


  • Ministry of Education and Research, Norway/Buskerud University College (HiBu)


  • Buskerud University College, Drammen, Department of Health Sciences
  • National centre of competance in Migration Health, NAKMI

Start - Finish

01.01.2008 – 31.12.2012

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Project leader:

Kari Nyheim Solbrække