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EU-Wise (completed)

EU-Wise is an integrated project under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission designed to focus on understanding capabilities, resources, and changes in health related practices in community and cultural context across Europe.

Reserch group

Signe Anette Nærbø Strindhaug, Ingrid Annette Ruud Knutsen, Dagmara Bossy and Christina Foss. Photo: A. Kolaas

About the project

The €2.9M research and development effort brings together 6 European countries and 6 organisations that will collaborate on the EU-Wise project (Self-care Support for People with Long Term Conditions, Diabetes NDS Heart Disease: A Whole System Approach).


Our research aims to understand the role and influences of resources external to health services which have an impact on peoples capacities to manage a long term condition.  It focuses on the need  to explore resources and relationships within peoples’ personal communities as a means of better understanding and helping to develop interventions that are more fit for purpose for engaging with people who live in deprived circumstances .

Intervention with focus on social network


A central focus is the extent to which policies actions and resources as national and cross- national levels shape activities of health and voluntary sectors locally and thus on self care support capacity. We will be utilizing mixed methods including social networks analysis and will conduct a number of reviews. We will undertake indepth qualitative research to inform a work package designed to produce self care interventions.

We are a multi-disciplinary group extending across the clinical, qualitative, quantitative, social sciences. With our roots in both social and clinical family medicine, our research includes a focus spanning from health policy through  local clinical, community and social levels to a focus on personal communities and individual self care actions


EU- Wise is led by Anne Rogers currently at the University of Manchester, which is acting as the co-ordinating organisation.

Participants in the EU-Wise programme include:

  • THE UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER UNIMAN, United Kingdom, Anne Rogers, Professor of the Sociology of Health Care
  • UNIVERSITY OF NATIONAL AND WORLD ECONOMY UNWE, Bulgaria , Elka Todorova, Professor at the Department of Economic Sociology
  • UNIVERSIDAD DE NAVARRA UNAV Spain, Dr Maria del Carmen Portillo Vega
  • PANEPISTIMIO KRITIS (UNIVERSITY OF CRETE), UoC Greece, Christos Lionis, Professor i Social and Family Medicine
  • STICHTING KATHOLIEKE UNIVERSITEIT RUNMC, Netherlands, Professor Michel Wensing
  • FUNDACION EDUCACION SALUD Y SOCIEDAD EHSF, Spain, Manual Serrano Gill, President
  • UNIVERSITY OF OSLO, Norway,  I. Christina Foss; Professor at Institute for Health and Society



Start - Finish

2012 - 2016

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