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Out of work (completed)

The impact of health care seeking of 15-year-olds as predictor of marginalisation from the labour market ten years later


About the project

The study will address scientific gaps in our knowledge about how health care seeking, life experiences, mental health, ethnicity and school climate in adolescence affect long-term marginalisation from education and work. The study will add to current knowledge and support policy formulation regarding work integration and adolescents`s living conditions.


My study aims to investigate the impact of health care seeking during the formative years of adolescence for subsequent marginalisation from work in a long-term perspective. The study will have a special focus on how life experiences, mental health, ethnicity and school afilliation relate to health care seeking and subsequent marginalisation.


Marginalisation of work is a burden both to the individual and the society. A considerable proportion of young adults in Norway are marginalised from the labour market. This may in the future represent a large number of  years potentially lost to work. Young people`s process of integration into work is considered multifactorial, and may best be studied with a prospective and comprehensive approach. Empirical knowledge about such processes will aid the facilitation of interventions that may enhance intergration at an early age.


The research council of Norway


The project is a sub-project of the following study:

Out of work. Life adversities and health behaviour in 15-years old as predictors of marginalisation 10 years later.

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Lisbeth Homlong