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Community-based organising against HIV among same-sex attracted men in Tanzania

This ethnographic study explores nascent community-based work against HIV among same-sex practicing men in Tanzania. With men as co-investigators it aims to portray, understand and learn from the ways in which HIV prevention activism is created, engaged with and perceived.

About the Project

Same-sex attracted men in Tanzania carry a highly disproportionate burden of HIV. At the same time, mainstream HIV prevention programming that targets men who have regular or occasional sex with other men continues to be in short supply.

Significantly, however, a nascent grassroots organizing against HIV is currently emerging among same-sex attracted men themselves. Through this organising, men at ‘increased risk for HIV’ posit themselves as agents and performers – as opposed to recipients or targets – of HIV prevention.

This study aims to document, learn from, and contribute to the ongoing evolvement of community-based HIV-related work organised by same-sex attracted men for same-sex attracted men in Dar es Salaam. The researcher is engaging in participant observation with and among men that bring this work into being. With men as co-investigators, he explores the processes community-based actors go through as they debate, formulate, implement and evaluate community-based activities aimed at the prevention of HIV and promotion of health and rights.


  • The GLOBVAC Programme, Research Council of Norway


  • Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences
  • Centre for Social Research in Health, University of New South Wales


This ongoing study builds on previous qualitative research work with and among same-sex attracted men in Tanzania.

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Moen, K., Aggleton, P., Leshabari, M.T., & Middelthon, A.-L. (In press). Same-Sex Practicing Men in Tanzania from 1860 to 2010. Accepted for publication in Archives of Sexual Behavior

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  • Kåre Moen
  • Anne-Lise Orvin Middelthon
  • Melkizedeck T. Leshabari
  • Elia John Mmbaga
  • Peter Aggleton
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