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Potentially inappropriate medication use in elderly (completed)

An epidemioligical survey among home-dwelling elderly and a randomized, controlled intervention in nursing homes.



The aim of this project is to try to estimate the amount of inappropriate medication use in the elderly Norwegian population, and identify factors that predict such inappropriate prescriptions.


Elderly often use many drugs on a regular basis. This can lead to better health for the individual, but there is also the risk of harm from adverse side effects or interactions with other drugs.


  • Potentially inappropriate medication use in the home-dwelling Norwegian population. An epidemiologic study using data from the NorPD.
  • A consencus process among doctors specialized in geriatrics, pharmacology or working in nursing homes, to establish a set of explicit criteria for inappropriate medication use in nursing homes.
  • A pedagogic intervention study in nursing homes to reduce the amount of inappropriate medication use, applying the criteria developed in Sub-project 2.


  • Allmennmedisinsk Forskningsfond


Farmaka, a firm packing medication in a unit-dose packaging system, will supply data on medication use for Sub-project 3.

Project Leader

Gunhild Nyborg


  • Part 1: All elderly home-dwelling above 70 years receiving prescription-based medication in Norway in 2008.
  • Part 2: Doctors working in nursing homes, geriatricians and clinical pharmacologists.
  • Part 3: Elderly persons living in nursing homes where medication is supplied by Farmaka.

Project start and finish


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