Interaction beyond boundaries (completed)

The main aim is to develop knowledge about hospital nurses’ and doctors’ production and exchange of information when they interact with colleagues at the community health care level.


Both interviews and questionnaires will be used through two phases. First, interviews will be conducted with health providers from hospital and community care. The results of these interviews will be the basis for the development of a questionnaire. A representative selection of health care providers in medical and surgical departments in general hospitals in Norway will be surveyed using this questionnaire.



New ways of collaboration between health care providers in hospital and community health care providers should be taken into account to meet the challenges in health care where more patients need post-hospital home health care. Despite considerable attention to clarifying what information should be exchanged between the care levels, existing information flow and content is characterized by mono-professional patterns. The result is a lack of information; inaccurate and incorrect information; and that providers spend much time obtaining adequate and correct information. We have limited knowledge about the providers' reasoning when they produce and exchange information across organisations.


Norwegian Research Council, Grant 181859/V50


  • MGH Institute of Health Professions, Boston, MA
  • The Norwegian Centre for Electronic Patient Records Research, NTNU

Start and finish

The project will terminate autumn 2011

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Project leader

Ragnhild Hellesø


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