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Legal Regulation of Personalized Medicine (completed)

Over the past few years, it has become possible to sequence the human genome – that is, to determine the complete DNA sequence of an individual human being. This has opened up new possibilities in the fields of medical diagnosis, treatment, and prevention – in particular in the field of cancer medicine. These possibilities raise a range of legal questions that we address in this project.

About the project

Legal Regulation of Information Processing relating to Personalized Cancer Medicine (LegRegPCM) is a legal research project aimed at addressing the legal questions pertaining to genetic testing, and to the processing of human biological samples and DNA data, including reuse and data sharing.

The project is a collaborative effort between The Centre for Medical Ethics at The Faculty of Medicine and The Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law at The Faculty of Law, both at The University of Oslo. It is the legal research project in The Norwegian Cancer Genomics Consortium’s ELSA work package.


Legal dogmatic method is applied.


  1. NoSarC – ELSA. A qualitative interview study of sarcoma patients and health personnel involved in clinical genomic research.


The Research Council of Norway: BIOTEK2021/238999/O30


  • The Norwegian Cancer Genomics Consortium
  • The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board
  • Academic advisory board from:
    • University of Bergen
    • Norwegian University of Science and Technology
    • University of Copenhagen
    • University of Oxford
    • Boston University
    • Bond University
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